Selected Publications

Ahrens, A., Hansen, C.B., Schaffer, M.E., Wiemann, T., Forthcoming. ddml: Double/debiased machine learning in Stata. Stata Journal. ↪arxiv version

Ahrens, A., Hansen, C.B., Schaffer, M.E., 2023. pystacked: Stacking generalization and machine learning in Stata. Stata Journal, 23(4), pp.909-931. ↪Link

Ahrens, A. and Lyons, S., 2021. Do rising rents lead to longer commutes? A gravity model of commuting flows in Ireland. Urban Studies, 58(2), pp.264-279. ↪Link

O’Toole, C., Martinez-Cillero, M. and Ahrens, A., 2021. Price regulation, inflation, and nominal rigidity in housing rents. Journal of Housing Economics, 52, p.101769. ↪Link

Ahrens, A., Hansen, C.B. and Schaffer, M.E., 2020. lassopack: Model selection and prediction with regularized regression in Stata. The Stata Journal, 20(1), pp.176-235. ↪Link ↪arXiv

Ahrens, A., FitzGerald, J. and Lyons, S., 2020. Commuting across the Irish border. Economics Letters, 190, p.109060. ↪Link

Ahrens, A. and Bhattacharjee, A., 2015. Two-step lasso estimation of the spatial weights matrix. Econometrics, 3(1), pp.128-155. ↪Link

Ahrens, A., Kovandzic, T.V. and Vieraitis, L.M., 2015. Do execution moratoriums increase homicide? Re-examining evidence from Illinois. Applied economics, 47(31), pp.3243-3257. ↪Link

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